1st Santorini Biennale of Arts.

"The Past. History, Time, Memory and Nostalgia"

Art Installation, Ceramic Art, Collage Art, Comic Art, Drawing, Short Film, Glass Art, Graphic Design, Illustration, Industrial Design, Painting, Paper Art, Photography, Sculpture, Short Film, Video Art, and a Song Competition.

Santorini July-September 2012.

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I participated in the collage section (curator Thomas Poblete) with the works:



My work until today has been based on the effort to integrate contradictory elements into an independent organism, allowing to emerge at one and the same time, the individual balance between materials, textures and forms, at the limits between figuration and abstraction, painting and the third dimension, emptiness and plenitude.
The use of recycled materials, also personal objects, is owed to their condition as elements that possess a history of work, suffering and life, converted this way into high-valued emotional objects. The forms and plastic values arise from the destruction-reconstruction process that is let to be viewed clearly, contrasted with the posterior "clean" and decisive interventions.
The last series “Shipping Pallets” focuses into recycled wooden objects, mainly old shipping pallets, an object that constitutes an “insignificant” element of the urban landscape; something that can be viewed in every corner, but nobody observes.