"Stracci al Vento-Myths in the World" Orto Botanico, Naples-Italy. 1-29 May 2005 (FREE INTERNATIONAL ARTISTS) Official Site

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Intervention in the Naples Botanic Garden by the collective "Free International Artists" (Italy, Rumania/Germany, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, South Africa, Morocco, China, Lebanon, Germany, Slovenia, Spain/Greece, etc.)

Catalogue & Press releases available at request (shall be added later on in this site)

"Picasso-FISH & SUPERVideo FULL oF ConCEPt" 275 x 100 cm.- Acrylics & golden paint on velvet textile & wooden frames (Oct. 2004)
THE MYTH: The Greek “Gorgona” (half fish / half woman) appears during storms in the Black Sea at midnight on Saturday nights.
She is the sister of Alexander the Great, and asks "Does King Alexander live?" The wise sailor answers "He lives and reigns", after which she calms the seas.
If says that he is dead, she will become furious and sink the ship and its crew.
THE ARTWORK refers to a marine beast, carrying the head of Picasso (a reference to a Picasso’s portrait of Dora Maar) and body made out of “super video installations” and “valuable concept arguments”, a horrible monster, that won’t let anyone survive, unless he become part of its own absolute truth.
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